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    Are Hair Removal Creams Worth the Money?

    Are Hair Removal Creams Worth the Money?

    I guess we should start off with a different question, “Is hygiene in general worth the money?” We spend lots of money on personal hygiene (i.e. shampoo, tooth paste, chapstick, soap, hair gel, etc.) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average American household spends over $700 on personal care products and services. That’s a lot of cash. That’s like buying a courtside seat to an NBA game that no one is interested in, or 1/10,000,000th of a house in the current housing market, or 1 share of Tesla stock (depending on the day). What I’m trying to say is we spend this much money on hygiene because it is important. We want to look good, smell good, and most importantly, feel good. 

    So, now that we know hygiene is worth the money. Let’s dive into if buying Hair Removal Creams is worth the money. This obviously will rely on if you as an individual want to remove hair. If you like being a dude with some hair, then problem solved, you get to save some cash. If hair removal is a priority, you have some options of differing quality and costs.




    Yearly Cost

    No Hair Crew Cream

    $ 14.39

    6 weeks

    $ 115.13

    *anscaped Trimmers + Razors plus renewals

    $ 105.00

    3 months

    $ 165.00

    Cheaper Depilatory Creams

    $ 5.00

    3 weeks

    $ 86.67

    Cheaper Razors

    $ 13.00

    4 weeks

    $ 156.00

    Obviously this is a simplification of the entire hair removal market. We didn’t include things like waxing or plucking. If you want to buy some tweezers for $10 and pluck every hair out, go for it, and we hope you enjoy your immense savings haha. Waxing is a difficult one to predict as having someone else do it will be quite expensive, but doing it yourself can be tough. Plus it is very, very painful. So we avoided that and stuck to depilatory creams, razors, and trimmers.

    You’ve all heard of the big player in the manscaping space. (Hint: they actually use the verb as their name. Quite clever.) And they can be a great option for people. We have other blogs (see here) discussing the pros and cons of how they do it compared to us, check it out if you’re interested. In terms of price they can be very expensive. Not just because of a one time purchase of $85-200, but because of the refills every 3 months of razors, blades, etc. Don’t think you’ll get just a one time purchase that lasts you a few years, because you won’t get it.

    Cheaper razors that you get at the store look and sound terrifying to use on your groin, but if that is the direction you want to go it will still end up costing you well over $100, closer to $150 if we’re including regular blade renewals. I was going to include a joke here about how much a trip to the ER would cost as well when these razors inevitably slice you up, but our healthcare system doesn’t seem to have those costs readily available.

    We can see that depilatory creams are indeed cheaper than razors or trimmers over the course of a year (and also safer if used properly, check out this blog post for more info). No Hair Crew is more expensive than the cheapest hair removal cream options out there. No doubt about it. But with that extra cost comes added ingredients to be far more gentle and hydrating than the $5 options. We all know this from our other hygiene products, cheaper isn’t better. My wife buys really nice conditioner because she can tell the difference (although I must admit I’m still not entirely sure what conditioner does compared to shampoo. I digress.) The same goes for hair removal creams. No Hair Crew is slightly more expensive because of the added quality. 

    If it is money you are worried about, but you still want to be at an “optimal hygiene level” (fun way to say clean?), check out No Hair Crew. We really do believe we are the best option on the market to get your bang for your buck.

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