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    Manscaping: The 5 Best Methods to Get Rid of Your Man Hair

    Manscaping: The 5 Best Methods to Get Rid of Your Man Hair

    What is manscaping?

    Manscaping is, simply put, the removal of men’s body hair. Men’s hair removal has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. More and more guys have started to groom their body hair, both upstairs and downstairs for a variety of reasons: 

    • Overall aesthetic and improved hygiene
    • Enjoy the ‘fresh’ feeling of short body hair
    • Staying cooler in hotter months
    • Show off a tattoo
    • Partner’s preference
    • Preparation for a last-second goal in your next soccer match and the ensuing ‘shirt-off’ celebration 

    For whatever reason you manscape (or thinking about removing your man hair), this guide will help you understand all the options available to you. 

    Your Hair Removal Options


    This is currently one of the most popular ways to manscape. You grab one of those trimmers that the barber/hairstylist/GreatClips uses to clean up your neckline and go to town. We highly recommend you throw on a protective clip if you go this route, just to avoid nicking yourself. Not to be overly graphic but the skin down there can be loose and folded in many areas which can be a recipe for disaster if you aren’t careful. So be careful. 

    This method won’t get your balls to be smooth as marbles, but a lot of dudes don’t want that anyway. Keeping your room tidy doesn’t mean throwing out all your belongings. Just depends on what you’re looking for. And no doubt, this is an excellent option.  


    How tough are you? This is an interesting one. It will have the longest lasting hair removal by quite some margin, but damn, does it hurt. If you want to send a message to your body/pubic hair that it should stay away from these parts, wax it. This removes the hair deep at the root so you aren’t just waiting for the hair to grow back, but the literal bulb needs to come back and regenerate, too. Over time this can damage the hair bulb and make hair growth less dense. 

    What will these results cost you? A few long nights of literally ripping your hair out. Is it worth the pain? Maybe. Some people would say it is.


    When I think of tweezers, it’s usually the image of a mom trying to get rid of their son’s unibrow right before the middle school dance. These are perfect for those clean up jobs of random stray hairs that you see in a mirror after a date and cringe at. 

    We recommend tweezers if you are looking to get rid of 1-5 hairs. But if you think you’re going to remove a bush full of hair down below with tweezers… My friend, we wish you well.


    Ahh the razor blade. It has withstood the test of time. People have been shaving their faces with razors for hundreds of years (assuming cowboy and colonial movie references are accurate). Nothing better than throwing on some shaving cream, getting that nice clean shave, and applying aftershave to finish it all off. It works great on about 90% of your body, now let’s discuss the 10% that you should avoid.

    Don’t shave your ball sack with a razor. There I said it. Bad news, don’t try it, learn from those who have come before you and cut up their precious family jewels carrier before. Razors just don’t work well on loose skin or places with crevices (gross word in this context). Is your ball sack 10% of your body? Probably not. But add on other sensitive areas on your man frame, and I’d say we’re close to 10%.

    Hair Removal Cream

    You’re probably thinking, “Oh, this company sells hair removal cream, they are so biased and will tell me to buy some of their stuff”. To which my answer is, hell yes we are and you most definitely should, BUT I agree that hair removal cream isn’t for everyone. We’ll start with the bad then continue on to the good.

    There are two ways you could have a bad experience with depilatory creams (fancy word for hair removal cream). 

    1. You are allergic to the active ingredient, potassium thioglycolate. (Very, very rare)
    2. You leave the product on for way too long. 

    If either of these are true, you can potentially irritate the skin. We recommend a patch test and provide detailed ‘how-to’ videos and info to limit the chance of irritated skin. 

    Benefits of Hair Removal Cream

    • No nicks or cuts
    • No ingrown hairs
    • No shower gymnastics trying to get the hard to reach places
    • Lasts longer than shaving or trimming (removes hair closer to the root)
    • Quicker than other hair removal options

    Here at No Hair Crew, we have formulated the most gentle hair removal cream for men. The Intimate Cream is designed specifically for hair removal below the belt and works in just three minutes. Balls, butt, get the idea. Our Body Hair Removal Cream is for the other parts of your body not rhyming with “halls”, “putt”, or “venus”. Both creams have been dermatologically tested to be 100% safe for all your manscaping needs. 

    Well, That’s All Folks

    There you have it. Our brief guide on all the potential options for your manscaping journey. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Just to warn you now, we have a little bit more info on hair removal creams than the other options.  


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    Steve G calendar_today

    Very easy to use great results

    Tom Norris calendar_today

    Bought both your creams. Did some test patches. Works well. No irritation. Thanks!

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