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    Hair Removal

    Tips for Creams

    Experiment to find the optimal application time for each body part

    The time for the cream to work is very dependent on the type of hair and skin. Thin light hair will need less time than thick and dark hair. The same depilatory cream needs a different time to work depending on where it is used. The usage instructions normally include a minimum and maximum time of usage. Experiment to find the perfect time for each body part. All of our packaging contains detailed instructions of how to use the product, and suggested times of product use.

    Use a microfiber cloth with your hair removal cream

    Wiping away the hair removal cream with a micro fiber cloth is an excellent way to maximize the results. With one wipe you remove all the cream and hair. You get closer to the skin and will remove the hair on a deeper level than when using a spatula. Fiber cloths are available in most grocery or drug stores in the cleaning or beauty section.

    Hair Removal Methods

    Hair Removal Cream (Depilatories)  

    Hair removal creams like No Hair Crew, also known as depilatory creams, are a pain free and effective way to remove unwanted hair. The cream is typically smeared on in a thick layer over the desired area, and left on for a few minutes before being wiped off. It works by dissolving the hair shaft at or just below the skin level. This method lasts up to 5 times as long as shaving and causes less skin irritation.


    Results after waxing lasts the longest. It can be more painful because it involves removing hair from the root. The method works by applying the wax to the skin where the wax sticks to the hairs. The wax is then quickly removed (sometimes with a strip, sometimes without), pulling the hairs out with the root.

    How much does it hurt? It depends on the body part, but let's just say you will definitely feel it. 


    Shaving has historically been the most familiar hair removal practice for men. It’s a very effective way to remove facial hair and can be used on other areas as well (mainly legs and arms). The downside is that it does not last long. It often causes ingrown hairs and itchiness, especially in the pubic region and buttocks. There is also a risk of cuts, which can be painful in those sensitive areas!


    Using an electrical trimer to cut down the hair is a popular grooming option. It will not get as close to the skin as other methods meaning the hair grows back faster (stubble can appear after a few hours). Watch out for cuts, especially on sensitive areas!


    This is the ‘precision method’ removing the hairs one by one from the root. It is a very effective way for those precision jobs where you only have a few hairs to remove. This includes eyebrows, nose and ears. Just use a high quality tweezer and pull them out. This obviously does not work well for large amounts of hair typically found on the body or pubic region.


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