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    Why Do Athletes Want Hairless Legs?

    Why Do Athletes Want Hairless Legs?

    We like to think of our product as something for the everyday guy who just wants to look better, feel better, or to be more confident. But our Body Cream actually does have a unique function for improving sporting performance and comfort. Let’s dive in. (Yes, that was a pun because we will be talking about swimming.)

    Hairless legs improves performance

    There is a pattern among athletes who compete against the clock.. And that is they all seem to not have any body hair. These athletes are trying to zip through the air or water at fast enough speeds where hair can create drag. And drag creates slowing down. And I think we can all agree that slowing down is the least desirable outcome in a race.

    Now, this drag is pretty miniscule. We’re talking tenths of a second for swimming and a few seconds over a 200 miles race for cycling. For someone like Lance Armstrong or Michael Phelps it will be the difference between winning and losing. (But not as effective as EPO or blood doping, am I right cycling fans?) I’m convinced that if Armstrong had our Body Hair Removal Cream he wouldn’t need steroids to win 7 Tour de Frances, but I digress.

    Surprisingly, hair removal is a vital part to MMA fighting as well. They are rolling around trying to leverage good body position. And it is much easier to get a good grip on a hairy guy than it is a silky smooth one.

    Runners shave their legs to get rid of chafing

    I said the word we all hate… chafing. Whether you hike, run, walk a lot, etc. chafing is the absolute worst. No hair would help with this issue as well. 

    Shaving your legs can improve recovery

    Now, you may be asking yourself, “why does my neighbor remove his leg hair when he is a very subpar cyclist? He isn’t getting drag reduction help.” And you make an excellent point. Another huge reason athletes want to remove hair is for recovery.

    MMA shows up again here. Pulling out leg hair hurts like a banshee and injury recovery is just easier without loads of hair in the way.

    Hairy legs may lead to infections for cyclists

    Cyclist have the best case for shaving. Having been someone who has crashed on their bike I can vouch that road rash is awful. But it is exponentially awful when you have leg hair. The hairs get tangled in the mess. It gets pulled by adhesives and bandages. If you are really unlucky the hair can cause infections. It just sucks all around. Smooth legs are easier to manage.

    To a lesser extent, this concept holds true for most sports. We talked about chafing with runners and hikers, but if you push too hard (or are a tad clumsy) and take a tumble on a dirt path, leg hair complicates the problem.

    Hairless legs just look good

    This is definitely a preference thing, but chiseled, hairless bodies do have a certain appeal to them. Athletes work hard to tone and build their bodies, and that is easier to notice when they have no body hair. A perfect example of this is body builders. They work really hard to get their muscle definition perfect. If you go to one of their shows you will see only hairless people up on stage.

    Body hair collects sweat

    One more thing! Body hair collects sweat and sweat means odor. Think of all the places that are most likely to smell bad. Armpits and “swass” (sweat of the ass region) are the first to come to mind. They are typically hairy regions. You remove the hair of those regions and the odor will reduce as well. That’s almost better than drag reduction and looking good for your body building competition.

    Grooming & athletic performance

    If you think some body hair management could help your game, No Hair Crew has everything you need. Our Body Cream is made specifically for removing chest, leg, arm, armpit, and back hair. We’re ready to be your go to hair removal product for your next race, fight, swim, match, or whatever. We also have an awesome Powder to help with odor and chafing in your daily life, or for a long hike you’re planning on.

    Hairless legs are perfectly acceptable for men

    Having smooth legs is 100% acceptable for men. It is becoming more and more common for guys to be hairless. Whether you want to remove hair for athletic reasons, aesthetic reasons, or just because you damn well want to, check out our No Hair Crew product line and we’ll get you where you want to be!

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    vernon davis calendar_today

    happy to find this as I am hairless head to toe by choice I feel so much better bare having hairy legs at a dirty job I had made them sore and my wife suggested I shave everything

    vernon davis calendar_today

    I am hairless because I damn well want to be started shaving my pitts in high school my head when i started loosing my hair started shaving my legs a few years later now my chest as well

    Keith R calendar_today

    I’ve been shaving my legs for over 25 years. Now, I’ve switched to the No Hair Crew method and love it. My legs stay hair-free much longer than by shaving.

    Am I an athlete? No, not by the stretch of anyone’s imagination. I just love the look and feel of smooth, hairless legs. And tanned, smooth hairless legs come summer.

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