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    Tips for Scrotal Hygiene

    Tips for Scrotal Hygiene

    It’s amazing how much of a man’s life is dictated by his balls. Dudes make countless decisions (whether good or bad we’ll say is case-by-case) due to the fellas down below. But, how many of us make hygiene decisions based on how our balls will feel? That is where we at No Hair Crew step in. You want good hygiene, maybe you want bare balls, but safety needs to be factored into your decision. Is a good smelling and fresh downstairs really worth the cuts and nicks and chafing associated with grooming? We enthusiastically proclaim you can have the best of both worlds! Below are some of our top tips to have great below the belt hygiene while also having safety on the mind.

    Take Care of Your Skin

    What’s the point of having hairless balls if your scrotum is constantly hurting or dry? Tradeoffs are a thing, but come on, no one will say that’s worth it. Skin care comes down to a few factors. One, taking care of yourself while removing the hair. And two, taking care of your skin in general. (These tips are aimed toward your crotch, but I suppose they can work well on any type of skin). If you abide by these two principles you’ll have both comfort and health down under.

    Hair Removal

    There are lots of ways to remove scrotum hair. You have trimming, shaving, plucking, waxing, and hair removal creams (also known as depilatories). If some of these sound painful, that’s because they are. Trimming comes with a risk of nicking your balls. Shaving comes with the risk of slicing your balls. Plucking just sounds freaking awful. Waxing sounds more awful than plucking but at least it happens all at once. All of these things are not only painful, but they are bad for your skin. Hair removal creams, like our Intimate Hair Removal Cream, also come with some risk but those risk can be very easily mitigated through a simple “patch test”.

    What is a patch test? It is the application of a small amount of hair removal cream to a small surface area (let’s say your scrotum) to see two things. One, are you allergic to the active ingredient? Most people aren’t, but you won’t know until you try. If you are part of the small minority of people that are allergic, it’s a good thing you found out on a small area of your skin rather than the full shebang. It will be uncomfortable, but not for long and not too noticeably. The second thing a “patch test” does is see how long you need to apply the hair removal cream for. Some people will be 2 minutes, others 4 minutes, we’re all different in this regard. 

    The great news about hair removal creams is that once you do a patch test and see that it works well for you, the risk of injuring your scrotum is heavily reduced compared to the other techniques mentioned above. Less risk of injury (i.e. nicking, cutting, etc.) means a much better skin condition.

    Post Removal Care

    After you remove the hair the job is not finished. We need to hydrate and soothe the skin so that it can heal. From an evolutionary standpoint our hair was not meant to be shaved off or removed. It’s meant to be there until it naturally falls out. So, when we remove the hair we are causing our skin some discomfort. Our Intimate and Body Hair Removal Creams have built in ginseng root extract, sunflower seed oil, and rosemary to help in the healing process right away, but don’t forget to wash the region with soap and even apply some lotion/hydrating serum to the area for best results. (Maybe even try out our No Hair Crew bar soap in the shower. It’s all about making your skin feel baby smooth, especially after hair removal).

    Normal Skin Maintenance

    There are a few obvious points here. Showering daily, cleaning yourself while in the shower, and applying lotion is the best way to keep your skin in tip top condition. Throughout the day, especially in the groin region, we develop a large amount of sweat. This sweat is the reason we need to bathe regularly. One small thing we can do is try to prevent some of that sweat from happening. We have our Dry & Fresh Powder to help with this. If it had a mission statement it would be this, “leave you fresh and odorless all day.” Applying a small dusting of powder in the morning can greatly improve your hygiene efforts come shower time.

    Have a Routine

    It’s easiest to maintain this if you have a set routine every day, or week. Most guys don’t need to groom down there every day, but maybe once or twice a week. (I’ll add that bathing should be daily). Here is a completely hypothetical example of what you might do. And yes, we are including all of the No Hair Crew products in this routine, but what do you expect from the No Hair Crew Blog?

    Step 1: Do a “patch test” as explained above.

    Step 2: Apply our Hair Removal Creams for the allotted amount of time as determined in your “patch test”.

    Step 3: Hop in the shower to wipe away the hair removal cream and excess hair.

    Step 4: Try out our hydrating and soothing bar of soap.

    Step 5: Clean your whole body because that is what good, hygienic men do daily.

    Step 6: Hop out of the shower, dry off, and apply a light dusting of our Dry & Fresh Powder to the boys to shield yourself from all that grimy sweat that is incoming once you go outside.

    Step 7: Enjoy your day of freshness and cleanliness.

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    Gilberto Arcaute calendar_today

    Thank you for all that information.

    Steve calendar_today

    I use the No Hair cream every two weeks. It works great. when the hair grows back it is soft, not sharp as it was when I shaved it. It would be nice if there was a way to slow down the hair growth.

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