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    Are Women Into Pubic Hair?

    Are Women Into Pubic Hair?

    Are Women Into Pubic Hair?

    People are really starting to talk about male grooming, and of course everyone has their opinion. You have your mountain men who don’t groom too much, the fellas who live by it, every guy in between, and of course the ladies have opinions as well. We’re going to dive into what girls are thinking in regards to male grooming below the waist. In a future blog we’ll look at some data of what men think.

    What do polls say about women’s thoughts on pubic hair?

    Obviously everyone is different, so all women don’t agree on how a man should look down below. With that being said, we do have quite a bit of data to draw some conclusions from. This is what we found:

    From the polls we’ve looked at we find that 80 to 90 percent of women prefer some amount of grooming. Only 10 to 20 percent prefer guys with a completely unkempt bush. This means that going wild below the waist is not the default look. Now, we don’t groom completely for romantic partners, but it’s something to consider when you are thinking about the grooming of your intimate areas.

    Some Interesting Insights

    Interestingly enough, women’s preferences on pubic hair vary by location and geography. Not so much the area of the country, but whether they live in a big city or in a more rural area. Women in rural areas are far more likely to be into the bushy look than those in a big city. This isn’t to say the majority of rural women love themselves a hairy man down below, but they are more likely compared to an urban one. 

    What about styling while you trim? Do girls like that? Here’s the data. 1% of women say they like a “landing strip”. We don’t know exactly how many of the other 99% of women would consider a “landing strip” to be a deal breaker, but we’ll let you determine the risk vs reward if a landing strip is your chosen hair removal styling method.

    How about some creative trimming? You want to trim her initials or try to copy an impressionist painting in your pubes? We would strongly recommend against that as only 5% of women like “creative trimming”. But we are amazed that on average women would prefer their initials in your pubes over a “landing strip”. Another mystery we’ll never understand about women.

    It is clear that the vast majority of women just want simple grooming. Remove the hair, be clean, keep it neat and tidy, and they are happy. We’ll use the acronym K-I-S-S, “Keep It Simple, Stupid”.

    Why Does Any of This Matter??

    First off, your sex life can definitely be impacted by your grooming habits and what your partner is looking for. Obviously, good communication will always be the answer. But if you want to feel more confident and have a more interested partner, you should definitely consider grooming in a way that they like. Which according to the data is removing the hair below your waste.

    Second, removing your pubic hair will leave you feeling fresh and clean. This affects both you and your partner. Clean and fresh is always better. Hair can definitely lead to bad smells, gross feelings, etc. We claim with high confidence that no hair will lead to better freshness, every time.

    We’ve talked a lot about what women want, or what your partner would prefer, but let's not forget that you should do what you feel is best for you. We make a living selling hair removal cream, but if you like leaving your pubic hair as is, then go for it! If your partner wants a bush and you don’t, we think there is a deeper conversation to be had, but don’t discount your preference too much! 

    In Summary

    We see that 80-90% of women prefer to have some sort of grooming done below the waist. Whether that is trimming, hair removal creams, shaving, etc. will depend on the woman. Not many women like creative trimming like “landing strips” or the like. We also have discussed the benefits of grooming below the waist and things to consider when you’re thinking about what to do with both your personal and romantic grooming habits. If you’re looking to be bare for your partner, or for yourself, check out No Hair Crew hair removal creams. 

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    wolfgang bishop calendar_today

    I’ve been happy with the genital hair removal cream. Need to order a new tub.

    manny falcone calendar_today

    My wife and I fully groom,

    Rob West calendar_today

    In my opinion, there is nothing sexier than when myself and my girl are both clean and smooth down below. I have hair on my chest and stomach (well groomed of course) so I let it fade into a slight and narrow landing strip. Plus, it makes me feel clean and sexy. If a woman doesn’t like it……oh well.

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